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New York : Mulholland Books, 2012.
"Psychologist Joe O'Loughlin is being pushed away. His marriage is ending. Charlie, his eldest daughter, will barely speak to him. And Charlie's rebellious best friend Sienna is getting into more and more trouble, and taking Charlie along for the ride. Sienna has been almost like family to O'Loughlin-a troubled child who for years spent more time in the O'Loghlin residence than her own home. O'Loughlin's worst fears are confirmed when Sienna turns up at his front door, traumatized and covered in blood. The police find a major piece of the puzzle at Sienna's house: her father Ray Hegarty, a celebrated former police officer, murdered. The blood covering Sienna was her father's. She can't remember what happened, but, at the same time, doesn't mourn her father's death. O'Loughlin vows to unearth the dark secrets of Sienna's mind, hoping his efforts will win back the confidence of a daughter he may be in danger of losing forever. But as the accusations fly, the line between victim and accused begins to blur. When the detective in charge of the case seems all too eager to lay the blame at Sienna's feet rather than malign the honor of a respected former colleague, O'Loughlin begins to make his own inquiries. But each step he takes toward the truth also brings him closer to the path of a manipulative killer unlike anything he has ever encountered"-- Provided by publisher.
9780316126380 (hardback)
0316126381 (hardback)
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Author Notes
Michael Robotham was born in Australia in 1960. In 1979, he moved to Sydney and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper. He spent the next fourteen years working for newspapers in Australia, Europe, Africa and America. As a senior feature writer for the United Kingdom's Mail on Sunday, he was among the first people to view the letters and diaries of Czar Nicholas II and his wife Empress Alexandra discovered in the Moscow State Archives in 1991. He also gained access to Stalin's Hitler files, which had been missing for nearly fifty years. <p> He left journalism in 1993 to become a ghostwriter, collaborating with politicians, pop stars, psychologists, adventurers and show business personalities to write their autobiographies. He also writes novels including The Suspect, The Night Ferry, Lost, and The Secrets She Keeps. He won numerous awards including the Ned Kelly Award for the Crime Novel of the Year in 2005 for The Drowning Man, the Ned Kelly Award for the Crime Novel of the Year in 2008 for Shatter, and the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger award for best crime novel in 2015 for Life or Death. <p> (Bowker Author Biography)
Fiction/Biography Profile
Joe O Loughlin (Male), Psychologist, Tries to help a neighbor with a criminal investigation
Fathers and daughters
British society
England - Europe
Time Period
2000's -- 21st Century
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Trade Reviews

  Library Journal Review

When 14-year-old Sienna appears at the O'Loughlin home covered in blood, it's only a short time before her father's stabbed body is discovered on her bedroom floor. The girl is completely traumatized, but as she is his daughter's best friend, Joe O'Loughlin tries to save her from murder charges. A clinical psychologist who has worked with the police, Joe understands that many people are not what they seem. He also must confront his own imminent divorce and his ongoing Parkinson's disease. With the help of Vincent Ruiz, a retired cop, he relentlessly pursues a manipulative teacher, an anti-immigrant neo-Nazi politician, and his own innocence in the face of assault charges. Verdict Robotham's decade as an investigative journalist and another as a ghost writer for celebrities serve him well, as he embeds a keen sense of detail into a twisty and fast-moving plot. Both Joe, who knows rather too much about human behavior, and Vincent have appeared in most of Robotham's six previous works (Shatter; Suspect), and their fans surely will look forward to another psychological thriller. [See Prepub Alert, 8/21/11.]-Roland Person, formerly with Southern Illinois Univ. Lib., Carbondale (c) Copyright 2012. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

  Publishers Weekly Review

When 14-year-old Sienna Hegarty appears at the back door of psychologist Joe O'Loughlin's estranged wife, dazed and dripping blood, O'Loughlin knows he must help in this taut thriller from Robotham, the fifth in this U.K. series but the sixth to be published in the U.S. (after 2011's The Wreckage). Everyone assumes Sienna murdered her father, ex-cop Ray Hegarty, found in the family home outside Bath with his throat slit, because he may have molested Sienna. Volunteering to provide the psychological assessment for the trial, O'Loughlin calls on a London friend, retired police inspector Vincent Ruiz, to investigate on the sly. Together they discover that Sienna's problems extend beyond her troubled home life, with clues pointing to the school she and O'Loughlin's teenage daughter, Charlie, attend as well as a high-profile trial involving British National Party members. O'Loughlin, who suffers from Parkinson's, continues to be an appealingly flawed hero. Agents: Mark Lucas and Richard Pine. (Feb.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

  Booklist Review

*Starred Review* This remarkable novel offers everything those literary detective novels ought to but usually don't. The prose is beautiful but understated, with no striving for style. The characters are bright, funny, and touching. Ideas are entertained entertaining, too and psychological insights are included. And, oh yes, it's also one helluva crime story, with suspense, chases, deductions, and startling revelations in the last pages. The hero is psychologist Joe O'Loughlin, whose career in Bath, England, is forever getting sidetracked by problems with health, women, children, cops, and most recently, a blood-soaked neighbor girl who appears on his doorstep. His attempts to help her by exploring her memories parallel the steps in a criminal investigation and, in fact, lead to a nasty assortment of child abusers, sexual predators, and a blackmailer. Sounds grim, but the effect is exhilarating because the writing is so good, the plotting so clever and well thought-out. Robotham really cares about his creations. He seems to laugh and hurt right along with them. This is crime fiction of the highest order.--Crinklaw, Don Copyright 2010 Booklist
She's standing at the front door. Covered in blood. Is she the victim of a crime? Or the perpetrator?<br> <br> A teenage girl--Sienna, a troubled friend of his daughter--comes to Joe O'Loughlin's door one night. She is terrorized, incoherent-and covered in blood.<br> <br> The police find Sienna's father, a celebrated former cop, murdered in the home he shared with Sienna. Tests confirm that it's his blood on Sienna. She says she remembers nothing.<br> <br> Joe O'Loughlin is a psychologist with troubles of his own. His marriage is coming to an end and his daughter will barely speak to him. He tries to help Sienna, hoping that if he succeeds it will win back his daughter's affection. But Sienna is unreachable, unable to mourn her father's death or to explain it.<br> <br> Investigators take aim at Sienna. O'Loughlin senses something different is happening, something subterranean and terrifying to Sienna. It may be something in her mind. Or it may be something real. Someone real. Someone capable of the most grim and gruesome murder, and willing to kill again if anyone gets too close.<br> <br> His newest thriller is further evidence that Michael Robotham is, as David Baldacci has said, "the real deal--we only hope he will write faster."
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